Examples of profits driven to the bottom line in a few of our clients.

Our expertise in vendor audits helped settle a 2-year issue with a uniform vendor that did not want to refund the customer for some blatant overcharges. The refund provided for over 6 months of free service. How would you like to have that kind of expense reduction to help your bottom line?

Found $59,000 in vendor overcharges

Found $59,000 in vendor overcharges and non-compliant rates within hours of performing our no cost accounts payable review. Like you, this is a successful business that is known for management cost controls and sound business success. We can do the same work for you. Discovered billing errors on a vendor invoices that were undetectable by the customer and when the issue was raised to the corporation, they were unaware their computer system was billing customers improperly.

Discovered fraudlent and non-approved charges

Discovered fraudulent and non-approved charges on local phone bills for a Bowling Center and a luxury dealership in Northern California that would have cost them thousands.

...and many more success stories of how Bottomline Consulting & Results Group saved our clients thousands of dollars!

  • Saved a large RV dealership in Southern California over $275,000 per year on one expense item after recovering over $65,000 in refunds from the save vendor.
  • Drove $24,000 per year to the bottom line by negotiating competitive rates with a first aid company for a 4-location company in California.  They were unaware of the additional charges that exceeded $5,000 per year they were being charged as service charges from their vendor.
  • Saved a distinguished country club over $60,000 per year on their garbage and recycling cost in Seattle Washington.
  • Recovered $18,000 in refunds on billing errors for a private country club in Southern California and negotiated service agreement that will save them over $40,000 annually.
  • Negotiated copier lease and maintenance cost for a country club in Santa Barbara California that improved their print quality and saved thousands by not using outside printing service because they can do it inhouse. 
  • Save over $300,000 annually in electricity cost for a large distinguished school district in Northern California. The organization had a representative from the electricity company working with them at the time and our recommendations ending up saving them well over a million dollars.    
  • Negotiated new rates that drove out 45% of the linen / uniform operating cost for a well-known country club in Pebble Beach, CA.
  • Found $30,000 in annualized savings on electricity bills for a church in San Jose, CA that was being overcharged for unnecessary rates and tariffs.
  • Reduced uniform cost by 25% for the second time in two years in a Northern California car dealership.
  • Drove $200,000 to the bottom line annually for a dealership that is highly respected for its cost control and profitability efforts. Using BRG as the “third pair of eyes” and vendor pricing “water mark” expertise assisted heavily in the success in the process.
  • Restructured and assisted on renegotiation of a high line dealerships janitorial services and supplies driving $17,000 per month to the bottom line.
  • Audited 4 years of uniform bills as no charge to the client. The audit produced a $41,000 refund and renegotiation of the agreement for another $38,000 in new profits.  Saved over $7,200 per year on client’s garbage bill. They never knew they were getting overcharged and what options were available to drive out costs.
  • Discovered over $18,000 in overcharges from a uniform provider for a prominent golf club in the Bay Area. Assisted with a 20% reduction in operating cost on 4 expense items.
  • Restructured and audited cellular phone bills for a company netting them over $15,000 in annualized savings.
  • Reduced a churches summer utility bills by over 17% or $9,500.
  • Saved an established church over $20,000 in operating expenses which they consider great stewardship and can use this newfound money for other programs to grow the faith.
  • Conducted no cost audit and discovered issue with a vendor agreement and overcharges that resulted in a $12,000 refund and $19,000 in new savings per year in a successful retailer in Northern California.
  • Reduced uniform, bottled water, and utility bills $18,000 per year in family owned Bakery in Northern California Negotiated and received $15,000 refund for client for improper billing practices from utility provider in Northern California.
  • Discovered 20% overcharges vs. contract prices on lighting services for Mercedes Leadership during annual pricing audits and filed for refund.
  • Saved 14 automotive dealerships in Northern California automotive group over $1.3 Million in PG&E electricity bills over the next 10 years.
  • Saved a Church in California 50% on local and long distance and 24% on their electricity bills.
  • Collected $3,500 refund from electricity provider for wrongful deposit on new service.
  • Saved client $6,000 per year on forms for a small business in Washington.
  • Audited and negotiated $3,200 refund in overcharges and off-contract billings for Toyota dealership in California.
  • Reduced garbage, recycling, and metal waste cost by 62% in a large Los Angeles CA auto dealership group.
  • Drove $18,000 in profits to the bottom line for a service department by restructuring their uniform contract and collected a $14,000 refund in off-contract billings.
  • Saved a Honda dealership in California over $5,000 per year in bottled water expense.
  • Saved a Honda dealership in Northern California over $18,000 per year on garbage.
  • Saved Mercedes dealership in Northern California over $14,4000 per year on their garbage bill after a $900 monthly rate increase from the local garbage company.
  • Saved Toyota Dealership over $24,000 per year on Janitorial expenses while upgrading the service to include janitorial supplies and a day porter to clean windows and bathrooms 3 hours per day.
  • Saved Ford Dealership over $29,428 per year in Uniform expenses.
  • Saved Northern California Lincoln-Mercury Store over $8,000 per year in gasoline expenses and simplified the billing process for the accounts payable clerk.
  • Saved Northern California Body Shop over $8,000 per year in Cellular Phone and Radio expenses.
  • Saved small automotive group over 25% ($45,000 per year) in forms expense.

What will we save for your organization? This is all savings to the balance sheet to be used for more important amenities or services.  This is “new profit” without selling one more motorhome, car, part, or service labor hour. That is the BOTTOMLINE!

What Our Clients Say

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